Valmet's visit day

We invited our customer Valmet to visit and spend the day with us. During the day, we introduced our guests to the terminal functions of Finnair and Nurminen, as well as the facilities and staff of our own CHS Group headquarters.

It is important for CHS to create an easy and reliable partnership with our customers. By getting to know each other better, we can move forward together and develop business growth.

Valmet Forwarding Manager Marija Hyvärinen: "Our team gave really good feedback about the visit day at CHS. It's always interesting to see where and how things actually move and how practically everything happens in the good hands of experts. And it's important for us to get to meet operational people as well. Thank you for a great day to all the CHS people!"

People from Valmet and CHS Air & Sea at our head office in Vantaa.

CHS would like to send a warm thanks to the Valmet team for your pleasant visit. Many thanks also to Finnair Cargo & Nurminen Logistics for your long-term and high-quality cooperation with us.

Pauli Luode Key Account Sales

Pauli Luode

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