Trade fair and event logistics abroad

The event industry is recovering from corona, and we are happy to once again be able to transport various goods to events, trade fairs and exhibitions around the world.

Messu- ja tapahtumalogistiikassa kaiken pitää mennä aina kerralla nappiin, sillä tapahtumat ovat ainutkertaisia. Vuosien tapahtumalogistiikan kokemuksella ja ammattiosaamisella pystymme tarjoamaan monipuolisia palveluja, jotka räätälöidään asiakkaan toiveita kuunnellen, ennakkoon suunnitellun aikataulun mukaisesti.

Your unique goods will arrive intact and on time because we work together with a partner skilled in international regulations and customs procedures as well as friendly service.

Example of our basic trade fair logistics service:

  • We pick up the goods and deliver them directly to the trade fair / exhibition stand or trade fair warehouse (worldwide)
  • We order the customer's desired services from local trade fair forwarders, e.g. storing empty packages during trade fairs
  • We will arrange a return transport
  • We take care of customs clearance and paperwork from start to finish 
  • We transport all kinds of goods, e.g., ship propellers, wind turbines, art, food, medicine, temperature-controlled transportations, etc.

Currently, the trade fair transport operated by CHS Group is on its way from / back Finland to two major international events: the Dubai Expo and Russia's leading maritime b2b event Neva.

Dubai Expoon liikkuu mm. Logonet Oy:n lento- ja merirahtia sekä iLOQ Oy:n lentorahtia. Nevaan on puolestaan matkalla mm. Helkama Bica Oy:n ja Aker Arctic Technology Oy:n näyttelytavaraa.

Are you going to participate in trade fairs in Finland or abroad? Let us help you with the transportation. Contact us, so your goods are on time at the fair stand before the event starts and you can focus on your core business.

Jason Kelppe

Jason Kelppe

Special Service Supervisor and Sales

+358 20 1669 522

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