The result of the customer satisfaction survey is 9.2

In the most recent customer satisfaction survey conducted by Funnel Oy, CHS's average is an excellent 9.2 on a scale of 0-10! CHS's NPS in the new survey was 79. (For comparison, the average logistics industry average is 38, source: Customer Gauge).

We measure the customer experience regularly so that we know we are developing in the right direction and meeting our customers' wishes. The survey was produced by Funnel Oyin May/June 2023 and the research is a continuation of the continuous measurement of customer experience carried out in 2020 and 2022.

Many our customers from different industries participated in this year's survey, and the response rate of the survey was a very gratifying 29%, which tells us that our customers are committed to our cooperation. Thanks to all the respondents!

Customer service and professionalism bring satisfied customers

In the survey, various statements were presented, which the customers were able to evaluate. The best results were obtained by statements about the professionalism, friendliness, personal service, and quick response speed of CHS employees. The versatility of the services, the reliability of the cooperation and the reliability of delivery were also praised.

The average of the statements on a 0-10 scale was 9.2. The result is a really great figure in a large survey and shows that our customers are very satisfied with the service they received. The result increased even more from the good average of last year 2022, which was 8.5.

The survey also measured NPS, or Net Promoter Score, which is an internationally used metric that measures the customer's willingness to recommend the company. CHS's NPS has increased over the years, and we made no exception here. CHS's NPS number in the most recent survey is 79. (For comparison, the average NPS number of B2B customers according to the research agency Innolink is 38 and the average for the logistics industry is the same 38, (source: Customer Gauge).

Some examples of our customer responses:

"Fast and expert customer service and work."

"Extreme knowledge of the field, really interested in taking care of things to the end."

"Friendly and professional cooperation with contact persons."

"Customer service and response speed."

"The sales staff is good and competent."

"Easy accessibility, quick solutions to problems and clear transport offers."

"Very good and quick information in all situations, even short delays are reported immediately, no need to ask later."

"Fast and reasonably cheap express deliveries, if necessary, real-time tracking of the shipment and effortless delivery of container traffic anywhere, as well as the professionalism of the staff."

Digitized and responsible logistics

Naturally, there are also development targets, and we want to invest in these next. Digitization and responsible transportation are particularly important in today's logistics. CHS implemented a new enterprise resource planning system last year, around which an ordering and monitoring system has been developed that works through the web. We will implement this during the fall of 2023. However, we have not forgotten our personal customer service, but this is a service reform implemented by listening to the wishes of our customers to facilitate orders and tracking.

We are also investing even more strongly in monitoring transport emissions and the most ecological transport options, and we offer the possibility to compensate for emissions.

A good example of this is also the just-received emission saving certificate for a significant environmental achievement. The certificate is a concrete proof that by using Speed- Ekorekka transports, CHS has reduced road traffic carbon dioxide emissions by 75 tons during 2022. CHS Air & Sea Oy is the first Freight Forwarder in Finland to receive this recognition.

Our professional staff also does everything they can to ensure that the logistics chain is as ecological and efficient as possible in terms of storage, driving and transport arrangements.

In addition to these functions, we have developed a fuel monitoring system, which enables us to inform our customers about transport emissions even more precisely. We will also soon introduce an emissions compensation system, through which our customers can compensate for the emissions caused by their own shipments through certified projects.

The top 10 feedback from customers:

- Delivery security and reliability
- Taking care of things as agreed
- Own contact person and personal service
- Competitive prices
- Comprehensive services
- Good network and partners
- Up-to-date information and communication
- Expertise and professionalism
- Friendly, good customer service and staff

Thank you to our customers for actively participating in our customer satisfaction survey. The success of CHS is above all due to competent and customer-friendly people!

Juha Harjula Toimitusjohtaja CHS Air & Sea Oy

Juha Harjula

Chairman of the Board, Owner, CHS Group
+358 20 7669 405
+358 40 772 2686

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