The impact of the EU emissions trading system on shipping companies from 2024

The EU Parliament has ordered that from 2024 shipping companies will be part of the Emission Trading Systems (ETS). The goal is to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030, the long-term goal is zero emissions by 2050.

The costs of complying with the EU's emissions trading system will affect shipping companies' costs and, through this, sea freight pricing in general.

According to the system, companies must pay annually for emission rights for greenhouse emissions.

The introduction of EU emission allowances will take place gradually.

40% of emissions in 2024

70% of emissions in 2025

100% of emissions in 2026

ETS charges will start in January 2024, the shipping companies will provide more information on the subject later this year. We monitor the situation and inform our customers about the subject.

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