CHS is committed to taking care of the environment, people and economy.

CHS's goal is to be a completely carbon-neutral company by 2030. In order to reach this ambitious target, we have many initiatives ongoing e.g. we offer our customers greener and more efficient transport solutions as well as reporting of CO2 emissions and compensation opportunities for emissions caused by their logistic chain. We are also constantly developing digitalization in our operations.

For us, responsibility is actions – not just thoughts and ideas.

Read more about how we focus on the topics of sustainable development which are important to us, such as: environmental responsibility, quality and safety, social responsibility, financial responsibility, UN Sustainable Development as well as operational guidelines and customer experience measurement / service promise.

Environmental responsibility

From the point of view of climate change, one of the most significant factors influencing sustainable development is choosing services and partners, by using which we achieve the highest transport efficiency with the lowest emissions. Due to this, e.g. Subcontractors using Euro6 vehicles, biodiesel or electricity in their transport are our primary transport choices when we plan routes.

In international transport, we make sure that our partners around the world are also committed to our goals, and our professional personnel take care of the logistic chain, minimizing actions that burden the environment.

In accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we have increased the use of renewable energy, e.g., in our logistics center we use the electricity produced by the rooftop solar power plant and wind energy. The waste generated in our operations is recycled with ecological choices at all of our locations.

CHS Group ECO program / Compensation for transport emissions

We offer our customers an accredited and valued solution for emission measurement, analytics, and compensation. If the shipment has traveled through us the entire way, the customer can compensate part or all of the shipments carbon footprint.

Our partner in the ECO program is Pledge, which is a respected international operator. Pledge cooperates with e.g. with Word Cargo Alliance (WCA). WCA has more than 12,000 logistics industry member companies from 196 countries.

With the help of the CHS ECO -program, you can replace CO2 emissions by financing various targets that support CO2 saving measures in Finland or around the world, and thus get involved in supporting important sustainability projects worldwide.

Carbon dioxide compensation projects prevent or reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Typical projects are, for example, planting trees and building renewable energy production facilities.

The service through us is easy, just notify your personal contact person, we take care of everything else.

For purchased CO2 credits, we deliver a carbon dioxide emission certificate and certificates for purchased compensation credits.

An example of the Pledge environmental certificate granted to CHS, where we offset the emissions of 2022 by planting trees.

We have also received other recognitions for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Example of the Environmental Certificate issued to CHS.

Quality and safety

In addition to internal and customer-specific processes, our 3PL and warehouse outsourcing operations are guided by quality and environmental certificates according to the ISO standard, and some of our operations are also covered by OIVA reporting and SMETA certifications.

The certified quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard supports the continuous development of operations and processes. The system helps meet customers' quality expectations by harmonizing operating methods and setting quality goals.


A certified environmental system according to the ISO 14001 standard helps to improve processes and practices. To obtain an environmental certificate, a company must identify the environmental impacts caused by the organization and set goals and objectives to reduce environmental impacts.


We offer our employees safe working conditions and comprehensive health care. We follow instructions and regulations regarding occupational safety and health at our offices. We prevent risks and accidents with occupational safety training and map the risks of our operations so that we can anticipate and take the necessary measures to minimize the risks.

Certifications guidingour quality and environmental operations

Social & community responsibility

Employee well-being, health and an equal workplace can all be found in our corporate strategy.

We support the development of our personnel and maintain their professional skills with various training programs. We pay a competitive salary, and we want to take care of the comfort of the staff, e.g. in the form of welfare days.

We are participating in the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK - Good Company - campaign. The Good company campaign tells about the importance of companies and the people behind the professions - for Finnish well-being.

Sustainable development also includes social responsibility.

CHS carries out its share of social responsibility by fulfilling its obligations as an employer and taxpayer.

CHS is involved in the social debate, e.g. through membership of the Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (FIFFLA). In addition, CEO Juha Harjula is on the (FIFFLA) board in the seasons 2023 and 2024.

We have also worked in close cooperation with the Finnish National Emergency Supply Agency for a long time. We feel it is important to be involved in securing Finland's security of supply through our own activities. Such preparedness is created in advance by planning and mapping possible risks and their effects and by implementing measures deemed necessary and appropriate.

It is an honor for CHS to act as the multi-year logistics partner of the Finnish Paralympic Committee, taking care of the equipment and goods needed by the athletes for the Paralympics organized around the world. We provide support to both the Para and Olympic Committees in other ways as well and participate in supporting sports for children and young people in Finland. We are also involved in the Northern Stars support program. By supporting disabled sports and the Olympic Committee, we can promote community and well-being in Finland.

CHS does all this sustainably, profitably and in the spirit of fair competition, in compliance with laws and regulations, listening to the voice of its employees and society.

UN Sustainable Development

CHS supports the UN's sustainable development goals. We are committed to the six most important sustainable development goals for our company.

Customer satisfaction / Service promise

Customer satisfaction is a matter of great importance to CHS. We want to make sure that, in the opinion of our customers, we are also what we ourselves believe and want to be, that is, a top performer and a trendsetter in the industry. We measure the customer experience regularly so that we know we are developing in the right direction and respond to our customers' wishes. According to the measurements, customer satisfaction has remained at a high level, and we want to continue to offer our customers a top-level, personal customer experience.

Read more about the CHS customer experience measurement implemented by Funnel Oy.

Code of Conduct

Operational guidelines, such as the Code of Conduct, define the operating methods we follow. They guide how we treat each other, do business, and connect with the world around us. We also require our subcontractors to act in accordance with these guidelines.

CHS' Code of Conduct for suppliers is regularly updated to ensure that they respond to changes in the company's operations and regulations.

In accordance with their guidelines, CHS companies have zero tolerance for corruption and fraud, and the companies do not donate to parties or political activities, religious organizations, authorities, municipalities, or local governments. In addition, separate instructions have been created for, among other things, anti-bribery, compliance management, asset protection, conflicts of interest, anti-money laundering and competition law matters. CHS also requires zero tolerance for corruption and bribery from service and product suppliers and business partners.

It is natural for CHS to act honestly in accordance with the law and to follow ethical business practices in all its business operations.

Whistleblowing channel

CHS Group uses the Whistleblowing notification channel. The reporting channel is part of our responsibility activities and its purpose is to maintain an open atmosphere and high ethics, as well as to identify potential flaws in our operations and develop them.

We want to promote transparency in all our business. Through the reporting channel, it is possible to anonymously report potential abuses or problems. By reporting, you help our company to continue running its business in a sustainable and responsible way.

All reported suspected abuse will be investigated. As a result of the investigation, measures will be taken, which also include contacting the authorities if necessary. The report can be made anonymously, and all reports will be treated confidentially.

Report abuse. 

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