Summer Network Conferences

CHS Group actively participated in international logistics conferences in the summer. We took part in the WCAworld event in Dublin in June and in the IELA network conference of trade fair logistics experts in July.

CEO of CHS Air & Sea Oy, Juha Harjula visited a WCAworld regional European networking conference for international logistics experts in Dublin in June. 700 WCAworld network delegates from all over the world took part in the event.

Juha Harjula: "We have actively participated in virtual events throughout the pandemic, but we feel it is very important to meet our network members face to face. It is great that it is possible again. The next WCAworld conference is in Asia, Thailand on September and we are participating also to this upcoming event”.

Fair logistics professionals met each other

The 37th annual congress of IELA International Exhibition Logistics Association was held in Bruges, Belgium early in July. The event brought together over 200 delegates from 130 companies from 47 countries. CHS Group was represented by Eberhard Jolly (right side of the picture). Next to Eberhard stands the new IELA Chairperson Sandi Trotter and next to Sandi stands David Palomo Sánchez, Member of the board.


IELA Forum discovers new concepts, opportunities & opens new conversations on the move towards sustainable operations. IELA members discussed how the new reality is affecting the exhibition logistics freight forwarders, discussing how companies can shift, flourish and do better despite the challenging world in which we are all living. The most remarkable thing is to be able to see each other again face to face after three years.

Jarmo Seppälä Operations Director

Jarmo Seppälä

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