Successful Winter Games in PyeongChang for the Finnish Olympic Team – The journey continues

Olympiajoukkue hiihtää Pyeong Changissa

The Finnish Olympic Team won altogether six medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, which have just ended. Of the six medals (one silver and two bronzes) three were brought home by Krista Pärmäkoski from ladies’ cross-country skiing, one gold medal by Iivo Niskanen from men’s cross-country skiing, one bronze medal by Enni Rukajärvi from ladies slopestyle, and finally one bronze medal by the Finnish ladies’ ice-hockey team. Furthermore, 14 Finnish athletes and/or teams received points for their rankings.

According to Mika Kojonkoski, the leader of the Finnish Olympic Team, the amount of medals won by the Finnish athletes in PyeongChang exceeded the corresponding amount from the previous Winter Olympics in Sochi – an also the amount of rankings receiving points was higher this time.

CHS congratulates the entire Finnish Olympic Team for a super performance. Special congratulations to Krista, Iivo, Enni and the ladies’ ice-hockey team!

The journey continues

Although the Winter Olympics in Korea are now over, the winter sports’ season is still going on very actively. The athletes and a big part of the sports equipment are travelling practically immediately from PyeongChang to the next competitive destination. The return freight was packed for return on Tuesday 27.2.2018, when the goods in no big hurry headed by sea back to Finland. Part of the equipment stay still in Korea for the Winter Paralympics, which are held on 9-18.3.2018.

CHS:n and with long experience in event logistics, johtaja Heikki Mattola kommentoi tyytyväisenä, että oli hienoa, että logistiikan osalta kaikki on sujunut hyvin. Hän kiittelee CHS Expo Freightin Korean yhteistyökumppania Kemi-Leetä, jonka kanssa yhteistyö toimi sujuvasti ja jonka henkilökohtainen palvelu sai kiitosta myös Suomen Olympiakomitealta.

After Korea, the Finnish athletes’ winter season continues at the Lahti Ski Festival in Salpausselkä in Finland on 2-4 March 2018, where many successful Olympic athletes participate. The Lahti Ski Festival presents eight FIS Nordic World Cup competitions in three disciplines – the Nordic combined, cross-country skiing and ski jumping.

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