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Project logistics is a transport service tailored to customer's specific needs and usually they are special and large-sized products which needs special equipment and special transportation arrangements. CHS is an experienced professional in project transportation and over the years we have successfully executed challenging project transportations around the world.

Successful project transport requires a reliable network of partners, operational staff's wide-range expertise and deep knowledge of customs legislation and laws of different countries. In addition to this, it is important to listen to the customer's wishes and to communicate closely with the customer about the different phases of the project, so that up-to-date information reaches all parties throughout the process.

We are members of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) and we have organized and executed various project transports with our network partners.

The most recent project transport is currently moving from Finland to Abu Dhabi.

In this transport, large silos were first loaded onto two low bed trailers at Ähtäri, from where they were transported with three escort vehicles to the port of Rauma. In the container port, vehicle unloading, and port transfers were handled next to the ship and under cranes. The silos were lifted onto the ship by two 100-ton cranes with so-called tandem lift method.

Next transfer shipping of this project transport is in Antwerp, from where silos continue their journey to their final destination at Abu Dhabi.

CHS` Key Account Manager Michael Airenne is responsible for this project and the operational forwarder is Marketta Währn.

CHS Key Account Manager Michael Airenne valvomassa kuljetuksen laivausta Raumalla.
CHS Key Account Manager Michael Airenne supervising the shipping of the project transport in Rauma, Finland.

Michael Airenne: "This is a very sensitive and large-scale transport, so it has been very important to maintain communication with all parties, such as shipping companies, port operators and the customer in Abu Dhabi. Everything has gone well, thanks to the partners for the great cooperation."

Marketta Währn: Marketta Währn: "Good cooperation made this work. It was fun to handle a slightly different shipping and communication with the customer has been great. Project transport brings nice change and energy to ordinary working days."

CHS järjestää projektikuljetuksia myös lento- ja junarahtina. Suunnittelemme kuljetuksen aina alusta loppuun, tehden näin kaikesta tilaajalle mahdollisimman mutkatonta.

Projektikuljetuspalvelumme tarjoavat luotettavia ja kustannustehokkaita ratkaisuja, jotka täyttävät korkeat turvallisuus-, palvelu- ja laatustandardit.

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