The Summer Olympics will begin soon

The joint container of the Finnish Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee, operated by CHS Group, has arrived at the Tokyo Olympic Games Village. The dismantling of the container has already begun and preparations are well under way.
CHS has the pleasure and honor of working again as an official logistics partner for the Finnish Olympics- and the Paralympic Committee.
The container's journey towards the Tokyo Olympic village went according to plan, and the carefully prepared cargo and customs clearance went smoothly throughout the trip.
The container continues its journey after the Summer Olympics from Tokyo to Beijing for next year's Winter Olympics.
These preparations have also already begun.

In the picture, Miia Ruusinen, an Expert from the Finnish Olympic Committee's competition team is opening the container on the second day of unloading and organizing the unloading of the container in the Olympic Village. (Photo: Finnish Olympic Committee).

The Olympic Games hype will rise as the Tokyo Summer Olympics begin soon


The Finnish Olympic Committee has prepared a competition guide in co-operation with the Sports Museum's information service. The guide contains extensive statistical and background information on the upcoming Olympics. (Race guide is only in finnish). Check out the race guide at this link:

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