From Kajaani to New Jersey in three days

Our real job starts once our customer has accepted our offer. Our work is all about smooth cooperation with chosen partners. “Come along and see how a door-to-door delivery from Kajaani in Finland to New Jersey in the US is about to start,” says air freight operations supervisor Riku Lehtinen from CHS.
Kajaani lentorahti

Monday 2 p.m. local time in Kajaani: Freight pickup from our customer

Our partner’s truck driver salutes our customer’s representative in Kajaani. One of the countless deliveries for the day is about to begin. 

”Hello! I am here to pick up the equipment and components for your customer in New Jersey.” 

”Great. Here is the trade invoice. You already have all the other necessary information, such as the measures and our business identity code?”

”Yes, thanks. Now we can prepare the export clearance and air freight documentation. Have a nice day!”

This was a great start, thanks to our meticulous experts, our partner, and our customer servant. Our customer servant had acquired all the relevant information from our customer and given our customer advice on how to prepare the trade invoice in advance. A trade invoice is obligatory when you export outside the EU.

In the evening, the truck left Kajaani, and the freight arrived in Vantaa early the next day. 

Tuesday 8 a.m. local time in Helsinki: Safety check and customs clearance

In the morning, our partner delivered the freight to a trusted operator in our network. This partner has a terminal just two kilometers from Helsinki Airport. As you can see, we have many partners! 

Our partner’s safety controller did a safety check for the air freight. You have to have a license from the Finnish Transport and Communication Agency, Traficom, to conduct safety checks. This makes our service reliable and faster because it allows us to skip the safety check at the airport. 

”Let’s make sure that the delivery doesn’t include any prohibited substances and batteries. Great, everything is fine, and the size of the freight is perfect for the plane.”

After this, we took care of the customs clearance and transported the freight to our airfreight partner Finnair’s terminal.  

Finnair’s safety controller inspected the freight, export clearance, and air freight documentation. Everything was in order, and she accepted the freight well before the inspection deadline at noon. The deadline is always five hours before the plane leaves. 

Tuesday afternoon local time at Helsinki Airport: Flight to New York

The loader started to load the plane early. Our customer’s air freight was packed in freight containers. As the equipment cannot stand weight, nothing was loaded on top of it. Everything went smoothly because our customer servant had made sure that this information was included in the air freight documentation and the loader acted accordingly. 

Koneeseen meni tavaraa kontteina, myös lentolevyille lastattuna – kaikki ei mahtunut kontteihin. 

When the plane left Helsinki at 5 p.m. to New York, it was full of freight containers and flight pallets equipped with freight, because not everything fits in containers. 

The plane landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport at 6.45 p.m. local time in New York. As the transport for the client was set up for the next day, the freight was stored at Finnair’s warehouse. 

Wednesday 10 a.m. local time in New York: Customs clearance

It was time for the last leg in this delivery. Our local agent took care of customs and accepted the freight, and the truck started to drive toward New Jersey, south of New York. 

Wednesday 4 p.m. local time in New Jersey: Freight delivered successfully to our customer’s customer

The freight was delivered to our customer’s customer around 4 p.m., and they confirmed the delivery. At the same time, our agent sent us a notice that the door-to-door delivery arrived on time and all was well. The next day, due to the time difference between continents, we told the news to our customer. We had succeeded together! 

It is all about cooperation

As you may have noticed, fast delivery depends on how we and our skilled partners and agents cooperate. If we or our partner would have missed a tiny piece of information, for example, that the equipment is fragile, our mission would not have been a success. 

It all boils down to the fact that we are extremely selective in with whom we cooperate. As we are an independent, family-owned Finnish company, we can choose our partners and agents freely. Everyone belonging to this group does their work with pride – and succeed time after time. Together with us, step by step, because that is the name of the game in this business. 

Riku Lehtinen Supervisor Air Export

Riku Lehtinen

Air freight, sea freight Helsinki Airport
+358 20 1669 516

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