Juha Harjula to the board of the Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association

At the autumn meeting held in Helsinki 16.11.2022 CEO & partner of CHS Air & Sea Oy Juha Harjula was elected to the board of the Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association for the term 2023.

The Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association / Suomen huolinta- ja logistiikkaliitto ry (SHLL) is the economic and labor market political interest organization of forwarding and logistics companies operating in Finland.

Through the union, SHLL members are members of the Nordic forwarding association Nordiskt Speditörförbund. SHLL represents its members in FIATA, the global umbrella organization of the forwarding industry, and in CLECAT, which focuses on EU influence.

CHS Group chairman of the board Heikki Halmetoja worked for four years as chairman of SHLL, developing the association's new strategy.

CEO Petteri Nurmi (Schenker Oy) was elected as the new chairman of SHLL. Managing Director Johanna Starck (PostNord Oy) was elected as the first vice-chairman, and Jarmo Halonen (NCS Finland Oy) was elected as the second vice-chairman.


• Juha Harjula, toimitusjohtaja CHS Air & Sea Oy

• Bernt Björkholm, huolintaliiketoimintaryhmän johtaja Oy Backman-Trummer Ab

• Mika Eloranta, johtaja SA-TU Logistics Oy

• Jari Immonen, toimitusjohtaja Steveco Oy

• Tuomas Kansikas, operatiivinen johtaja Nurminen Logistics Services Oy

• Perttu Piri, toimitusjohtaja Assistor-Uuttera Oy

• Matti Urmas, toimitusjohtaja FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy

• Erkki Valtonen, toimitusjohtaja Blue Water Shipping Oy

• Mikko Vihanto, toimitusjohtaja Varova Oy

• Kai Wicklund, toimitusjohtaja DHL Freight (Finland) Oy • Bengt Westerholm, toimitusjohtaja Beweship Oy Ab

At the fall meeting the new strategy prepared by the board of the Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (Suomen Huolinta- ja Logistiikkaliitto ry / SHLL) was presented. The new strategy creates guidelines for SHLL's operations for the years 2023-2025. SHLL's goal is a successful and renewing Finland that works seamlessly as part of the global market.


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