Goodbye Rio – PyeongChang here we come!

Nainen käpertyneenä Brazilian lippuun

The Finnish Olympic Team took part in the Summer Olympics of 5.-21.8.2016 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil together with around 11,000 athletes representing altogether 206 different countries. This was the first time that the Summer Olympics were organized in South America. New disciplines to be introduced were rugby and golf, which made a return after 109 years. The Games in Rio presented again an astounding spectacle from the world of athletics at the highest level – both to those at the venue and other followers globally.

”Practically two thirds of the Finnish athletes reached their own statistical level or even exceeded it in Rio. However, the achieved results did not meet expectations and our top athletes underperformed, if we look at the percentages for success in meeting forecasted results.

In any case, we brought back home from Rio a lot of good experience, on which we can build our success in the next Olympics. On the basis of feedback from the Olympic Team in the main areas of success in the Summer Olympics were the Team’s mutual journey, which emphasized the attention given to the athlete as well as took care of the individual needs of the athletes and their coaches. The genuinely open, sincere and encouraging team spirit, the good atmosphere, and the practical arrangements which helped the flexible running of everyday life also received thanks. It is important to get this kind of feedback from the athletes”, Leena Paavolainen, Deputy Director of the Team in Rio comments.

”Close co-operation with CHS Group, the Finnish Olympic Team’s logistics partner, functioned well and helped to ensure the success of the practical arrangements and the smooth running of the athletes’ everyday life.”

Let’s look at Pyeongchang – only roughly over 400 days to the Winter Games!

It is only roughly over 400 days to the beginning of the 2018 Winter Games and the Finnish Olympic Committee is already concentrating its efforts to South Korea. As a rule, the Winter Olympics have brought Finland more success than the Summer Olympics due to the strong Finnish traditions in winter sports. Unlike to the Summer Games, Finland will have in Pyeongchang two teams as both the women and the men will be competing in ice hockey. Before the next Winter Olympics, Finnish sports-lovers will be able to indulge in the World Games of Nordic skiing disciplines in Lahti in 2017. This means that we have good possibilities of building a great team spirit both in the Finnish Olympic Team and in the Finnish sporting community.

The Winter Olympics in Pyeonghang open the series of Olympic Games in Far East Asia, for the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo in Japan and the 2022 Winter Olympics in Peking in China. The first Asian venue Pyeongchang is situated on the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula in a beautiful setting in the countryside.

The journey from Finland to Pyeongchang is long – altogether over 7,000 kilometres. In addition to the Finnish Olympic team of over 200 members, a considerable amount of its equipment will have to be transported to the venue starting from ski waxes to massage tables.

CHS will be the Finnish Olympic Team’s partner on its way to Pyeongchang, taking care of logistics just as in Rio. As advance planning is important, CHS and the Finnish Olympic Committee have already started to prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

”We sat down with the Finnish Olympic Committee for the first planning session on the next Winter Olympics almost immediately after the persons responsible had returned from the Rio Summer Olympics. Right in the beginning of next year, we will concentrate on more detailed preparations. The majority of planning and organizing will take place during 2017, for the next Winter Olympics will start as early as in the February of 2018. At the moment we are waiting for the announcement of the Pyeongchang organizing committee on which company at their end will be chosen as the local logistics partner, “Heikki Mattola, director of event logistics in CHS describes.

CHS follows closely the Finnish Olympic Team’s preparations o the next competitions in its own channels.

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