Freight forwarding helps you in exceptional situations

Freight forwarding is a great industry, writes Heikki Halmetoja: in exceptional situations, such as during the corona pandemic, freight forwarding partner is a cornerstone for success in imports and exports.
Kuorma-auta ajaa auringonlaskussa

Termejä huolinta ja logistiikka käytetään hieman sekaisin, tai niiden ajatellaan oleva sama asia. Logistics on kuitenkin vain yksi huolintaprosessin osa.

Freight forwarding combines different forms of transportation, transport service providers, and juridical matters of trade, such as different kinds of permits and regulations. As a freight forwarder, we operate as a service provider of international trade and import. Whereas importer focuses on the quality of imported goods, CHS focuses on the correct permits to import, and that the import is done ethically and following all the international, national, and public regulations.

Many importers need help in the jungle of regulations and directives. Studies do not fully prepare you for all of these regulations, and they are constantly changing. Freight forwarders must stay up to date and make sure that the customers do not accidentally break these ordinances when it comes to e.g. trade sanctions. Freight forwarder helps to make correct solutions, to attain and deliver necessary permits, and to forward them to the authorities.

In my opinion, no importer or exporter can afford an inferior freight forwarder. A professional and consultative freight forwarding partner is a cornerstone for success in imports and exports. Getting the transported goods legally and through an ethical supply chain to the customer company and through them to the end customer is an important part of the product.

In exceptional situations, it is especially important that the freight forwarder can react quickly to a fast change of operating environment by searching for new routing, for example. The purpose is for the producer, vendor, and end customer to get their goods, whatever exceptional situation might be going on.

Due to the coronavirus, we might have rerouted products going to the USA through England or Ireland, for example. When this option was ruled out, we started to utilise cargo planes: most of the cargo exported from Finland is transported in passenger planes, and after these flights were radically decreased, we swiftly moved to the next option.

We never reroute without the customer’s knowledge, but we openly tell about the changing situations and tell the customer their different options, and do as the customer instructs. However, it is easier to choose from readily presented alternatives, so that the customer will not be left alone to figure out suitable solutions.

One might need the help of a freight forwarder even when you plan to import only one container of goods: one must start their business somehow. We at CHS aim for long-term customers and help importers and exporters to succeed with the help of our expertise.

It is a pleasure to see long-term customers grow when we can both focus on our core expertise. As professionals of freight forwarding and logistics, we at CHS get to handle the modern world in all its complexity and clear the way in the jungle of regulations for Finnish import and export customers.

Heikki Halmetoja CHS hallituksen puheenjohtaja

Heikki Halmetoja

Chairman of the Board, Partner, CHS Group

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