Dismantling & storage of Olympic container

On June 10, 2022, the competition container of the Finnish Olympic Committee & Finnish Paralympic Committee, which had returned to Finland from the world tour, was unloaded in the yard of the CHS logistics center. The container will remain in the CHS Espoo warehouse, waiting to go to the next Olympics.

The unloading of the Olympic cargo was organized by the people of CHS Group and the Expert of the Finnish Olympic Committee's Competition Team, Miia Ruusinen. Unloading the Olympic container went well in sunny weather.

Miia Ruusinen, Finnish Olympic Committee:: "Thank you very much for your cooperation. Everything always goes smoothly with you!".

Olympic container storage

CHS Solutions Oy takes care of the cleaning, maintenance and storage of the competition container until the next Olympics. The next Olympics will be held in Paris in the summer of 2024.

CHS Air & Sea Oy is pleased to continue its long-term cooperation and partnership as the logistics partner of the Finnish Olympic Committee and the Finnish Paralympic Committee towards the next Olympic Games. Preparation for the next Olympic transports will also be started well in advance, as usual.

Pitkän Olympiarahti – ja erikoiskuljetuskokemuksemme kautta logistiikan asiantuntijamme osaavat auttaa yrityksiä myös muissa projekti- ja tapahtumakuljetuksissa ympäri maailman.

Samuli Ruissalo

Special Service Supervisor
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