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CHS measures customer experience regularly to hear the voice of the customers and to understand more how we are succeeding to match their expectations. Our latest customer experience survey was executed together with our partner Funnel Oy in early 2022. This year’s survey inspired twice as many respondents as the previous survey and the response rate was a spectacular 35.3%. This active response rate gives good reflection of our customers commitment towards our cooperation.

In this survey our customers were requested to evaluate various statements regarding our performance. The top ratings were given to CHS's employees professionalism, friendliness, personal service and quick response speed, as well as company’s reliability.

The average of the statements on a 0-10 scale became 8.5. The result is a really great number in an extensive survey and reflects that our customers are very satisfied with the service they receive.

In the open feedback section, our customers were free to write us their opinions and thoughts. Customers gave many positive reviews e.g. regarding easy, accurate and transparent co-operation, even during these challenging times (Covid -19 and the war in Ukraine).

Some examples of our customer responses:

“Having our own dedicated CHS contact person is important thing. The cooperation is good and professional.”

"Long-term cooperation makes things easier. CHS understands the needs of our company and knows well how to respond to them.”

“You listen to the customer and take the needs into account. High level of customer service.”

"Good and regular information and quick response to inquiries."

"The agility of the CHS organization, decisions can be made on a fast schedule and working with the same contact person throughout the supply chain clarifies and speeds things up."

Our future plans

Obviously there are also areas for development and ours are mainly related to systems and automated status messages and tracking of shipments.

We are well on course to fixing these topics during the spring time as we are soon introducing new development version of our production system.

We want to continuously develop our operating methods and systems to meet the wishes and needs of our customers, so we will continue to listen to our customers.

Customers opinions are important to us. We also welcome feedback through our website.

Customers opinions are important to us. We also welcome feedback through our website. Link to our feedback pages:

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