Customer satisfaction at its peak

CHS Solutions Oy's most recent customer satisfaction, CX index is an excellent 9.49/10. The survey also asked how likely you would recommend CHS to your colleague on a scale from zero to ten, where 10 is very much and 0 is not at all? Our NPS result was a great 9.47/10.

An expert company in warehouse logistics & 3PL services CHS Solutions conducts regular customer interviews. The goal is to learn about the strengths of customer cooperation and the most central areas for development based on the feedback received from customers. The survey model and implementation have received good feedback from the customer base.

The issues raised in the surveys are always reviewed with the customer, where e.g. the key strengths and development areas of the cooperation are highlighted and further actions are agreed upon.

CHS is seen as a reliable and competent expert

CHS's processes and systems received positive feedback.

The greatest value and distinguishing factor compared to competitors is the understanding of the culture of service logistics and the operating models.

Customers trust that the contact person understands and knows their products and knows how to handle them. In addition, the fact that contact persons are named and can be contacted easily creates trust in customers. Proactivity can be seen in everyday life in the form of solution options presented in connection with problem situations.

The suitability of the services and the benefit produced

All those interviewed felt that CHS Solutions' services fully met their needs. The themes that produced the greatest benefit and value were mentioned:

- Deliveries as agreed
- Functionality of internal logistics and correctness of shipments
- Knowledge of the customer's products and consideration of their special needs/handling

Top results speak of professionalism and the high quality of customer service

The CX index measures how satisfied our customers have been with the customer experience we offer on a scale of 0 to 10.

CHS Solutions Oy's latest CX index is an excellent 9.49/10.

NPS or Net Promoter Score stands for recommendation index. Our customers were asked: How likely would you recommend CHS to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is very happy and 0 is not at all happy?

Our NPS result was an great 9.47/10.

A direct quote from our customer's open feedback:
"Good service, practical and nice people. Things are working fine. We have a long-term relationship. They are familiar to us and are always helpful. Nothing negative to say. NPS 10”.

Deep partnership

The best results are achieved through partnership. It is a combination of careful planning, cost monitoring and new development according to the changing needs of our customers.

If you are looking for a partner in relation to warehouse outsourcing and/or value-added services for goods passing through the warehouse, contact us with a low threshold. We always carry out discussions and surveys related to warehouse outsourcing without charges or obligations.

Thank you to our customers for actively participating in the customer satisfaction survey.

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