CHS organized a charter shipment from Finland to Argentina. The cargo ship was loaded with large engines

The journey of the giant engines towards South America started last weekend from the port of Rauma, Finland.

CHS ammattilaiset organisoivat ja valvoivat laivan lastauksen ja 1 130 743 kg painoinen erikoiskuljetus saatiin turvallisesti ja ajallaan merille. 

The engines are currently moving to Buenos Aires, from where they are transported to the final destination by CHS partner.

In addition to normal freight, CHS Air & Sea Oy also transports globally all sorts of special cargo and charter shipments by land, sea and air. CHS's experienced logistics professionals always plan the best possible route with a strong partner network, listening to the wishes of the customers.

Contact CHS experts, we are happy to help you with all your transport needs.

Nico Soinio

Supervisor, Ocean Export

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