CHS Group grows into one of the biggest Finnish private freight forwarders

The business transfer between CHS Group and Geodis Wilson Finland was announced in March, and following the deal, CHS Group will grow into one of the largest and most prominent private freight forwarding companies in Finland.
Lentokone lentää laivan yläpuolella

CHS Air & Sea Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Juha Harjula kommentoi yrityskaupan konkreettisia vaikutuksia näin:

“Ensisijainen tavoitteemme on auttaa asiakkaitamme heidän liiketoiminnassaan. Tämä yrityskauppa on mahdollistanut meille vieläkin laajemman mahdollisuuden palvella suomalaisia ja ulkomaalaisia asiakkaitamme varastointi- ja huolintapalveluissa.

In the deal, Geodis Wilson Finland’s transportation and freight forwarding operations and three warehouse units located in Helsinki metropolitan area were transferred to CHS Group.

As a result of the acquisition, the number of staff in CHS Group is increased by approximately 70 people, as all the former employees of Geodis Wilson Finland will continue to work for CHS. Harjula states that due to the growing workforce, CHS Group will be able to invest in even better and more personalized customer service. During the current spring, the whole personnel will be moving to new business premises which are located nearby Helsinki Airport.

CHS Group continues to operate as an independent and fully Finnish company and will certainly enhance its visibility in the industry in future.

Juha Harjula Toimitusjohtaja CHS Air & Sea Oy

Juha Harjula

Managing Partner, CHS Group 

+358 20 7669 405

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