CHS brand renewal

We proudly present our new brand look. The old logo has served us respectably since 1996, but now is a good time to modernize the logo and corporate look to suit today, says CHS Group owner / chairman of the board Juha Harjula.

In the renewal, CHS got a new logo and color scheme

CHS offers its customers versatile transportation, forwarding and warehousing services as well as supply chain management solutions all over the world. CHS's promise of personal service, expertise and flexibility has been praised by customers throughout its history, so we wanted to show these qualities in our new look.

The new look communicates even more clearly what kind of company CHS is: domestic, responsible, modern, international and approachable.

In the new logo, we wanted to take into account the history of the brand, therefore the new design language still has the round shape and arrow and the CHS font combination.

Also as CHS's future goals are strongly in international growth, this was the right time to create a separate logo for the brand to strengthen the brand look, which is dynamic and moving forward.

The renewed color scheme of CHS

One significant part of the visual renewal is also CHS's new color scheme. The new colors are earthy and familiar from nature.

The main color is dark blue, alongside which a wider and fresher color palette has been introduced than before, which allows us to communicate the versatility of our operations and our values even more strongly.

Next to blue and white, you can see orange, petrol and light blue. The colors communicate reliability, enthusiasm, helpfulness, clarity and responsibility.

The renewed look of CHS also shows that we have paid attention in our operations to solutions with less burden on the environment and ecological values, and we will strongly promote them in the future as well.

The brand renewal is a significant visual change to our look. The new look will be first seen in our digital channels, such as our website and social media, as well as in our marketing materials, and gradually, for example, in the clothing of our logistics center employees and in our offices' neon signs.

CHS head office moves to new premises

The timing of the brand renewal is appropriate, as the CHS headquarters will move to Tietotie, near Helsinki Vantaa Airport, in March 2024. In the same building you can find e.g. Finnair's headquarters. Our head office will have newly renovated premises with ecological and responsibly implemented solutions, and the best thing is that in the future the head office can also be easily reached using public transportations. All changes and solutions are based on responsibility, which we want to pay more and more attention to and act according to our values, says CEO Juha Harjula.

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