Case Pintos: 3PL logistics services develop through cooperation

CHS Solutions Oy's Espoo logistics center is the main warehouse for Pintos' concrete casting supplies. In addition, Pintos steel products and fastening accessories are also stored in Espoo. The cooperation started in 2019 and has grown and diversified rapidly.

Pintos Oy has been offering smart reinforcement and fastening solutions and, in addition to a comprehensive product selection, expert construction solutions for over 60 years. A wide selection, flexible deliveries and intelligent production will continue the story of smart construction for decades to come. Pintos' most important competitive advantage is its ability to deliver. The company's production and storage capacity enable products delivered on schedule for individual specific needs as well as for large entities.

Pintos' Product Manager Vesa Takomo has clear guidelines on which factors have influenced their choice and partnership with a company offering storage outsourcing services. The most important thing is the values that emerge, which should be in line with the values that guide Pintos' own actions.

In addition, Takomo emphasizes that smooth communication and flexibility are required for the success of daily operations. A company offering 3 PL services must also be ready to develop both traditional operational issues and electronic processes while listening to the customer's needs. The operation of the warehouse must also be documented, measurable and monitored.

For Pintos, the start of cooperation was an easy solution, because in addition to all the above-mentioned issues, CHS was able to offer Pintos all 3 PL services competitively.

How would you describe cooperation with CHS Solutions?

"Already during the first contract period, it became clear that CHS answered the call with professionalism. Our expectations have been fully met. From the beginning, we have developed together e.g., product storage methods and investment classifications.

We have also created new services, which have been put into use at Pintos. And of course, it doesn't hurt when people get along with each other and speak the "same language", says Vesa Takomo.

Pintos' products are taken care of by designated persons at CHS warehouses, who are actively involved in product training and have a comprehensive understanding of product quality requirements both in terms of storage and transportation needs.

Takomo has noticed that CHS personnel, both in the warehouse and elsewhere, are motivated and professional.

"CHS personnel know how to make quick solutions within the agreed framework without separate inquiries. Makes the collection and delivery process much easier when the products are familiar. Yes, product training also in this context increases efficiency and saves time", Takomo reminds.

All in all, from Pintos' point of view, the cooperation is smooth and makes everyday life easier. In Takomo's opinion, one of the best aspects is that all questions are answered quickly. You may not be able to answer everything immediately, but you will always be informed when the answer is available, and this does fully meet our requirements, Takomo praises.

CHS wants to listen to customers and develop operations together. Therefore, cooperation with client companies naturally includes regular operational meetings, where feedback is processed, and operational metrics are reviewed together. As a result of regular meetings, we have been able to improve the quality of operations and make operations more efficient.


Pintos Oy's Product Manager Vesa Takomo is satisfied with the cooperation with CHS Solutions Oy. "I give full 10 points for partnership and cooperation!"
The Pintos warehouse is located in the CHS Espoo logistics center in Juvanmalmi, near Helsinki, what does the location of the logistics center mean to you?

Vesa: "Most of the construction takes place in the capital region, and we deliver products both to retailers and directly to construction sites. The current location is excellent and easily accessible from all directions. In urgent situations, we are easily reachable, and truck deliveries also get there easily and without traffic jams."

The energy of the CHS Solutions warehouse is partly also collected from the solar panels on the roof of the warehouse, and attention is paid to energy efficiency. How important a value do you consider this to be?

Vesa: "Pintos also commissioned its own solar power plant some time ago, and it's great that our supplier also wants to use renewable energy. Green values are also important in Pintos' operations."

CHS Solutions' quality and environmental operations are guided by certifications. We actively monitor, develop and update them. What does this mean for Pintos?

Vesa: "Competence, efficiency and quality are commonplace in our operations as well. The certifications of different product groups and the certification of our company's management system mean certainty and continuous development. We appreciate that our partner also sees it the same way."

How reliable do you consider CHS Solutions to be as a partner on a scale of 1-10? Would you recommend CHS Solutions as a storage services / internal logistics partner to other companies as well?

Vesa: Full 10! I could easily recommend it. This is also influenced by the fact that we cooperate specifically with a domestic company. Communication, values and supporting domestic work are important for Pintos, after all we are a domestic family company ourselves."

Top 3 best things about CHS Solutions:

1. The operation is smooth and as agreed
2. Versatile storage options
3. Nice and competent staff

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Semi Hurtta

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